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  • Theory of consciousness explaining delay of Singularity, autism, before-sleep photorealistic visualizations, and most mental disorders

  • Solving time paradoxes by reducing dimensions (on hold)

  • Evolutionary advantage of depression

  • Quantization is evidence of data compression

  • Strict Islamic law is an equal amount but different balance of freedom

  • Why there are so few truly ambitious people

  • Ether that passes the interferometry test and ether drag experiments and mechanically describes relativity

  • Personalities positive and negative are actually creative and perfectionist

  • Evolutionary psychology/game theory of enjoying music

  • Why music comes and goes in distinctive decades/genres

  • Additional factors that contribute to rape going unreported

  • Why belief in superstition/orchestration evolved

  • Purpose and function of class (elegance, not socioeconomic)

  • Why every generation isn't better at parenting than the previous

  • Species improvement using makeshift solutions: sex and death

  • Fear of death is only possible with a 3rd person omniscient viewpoint

  • Factors that contribute to or discourage device convergence

  • Why so many technologically intelligent young men are becoming libertarian

  • Why racial profiling is wrong and demographic car insurance rates aren't

  • Randomness in QM is anthropic in that it prevents early-universe-homogenizing CA

  • New statistical field to determine existence/non-existence of time, motion, and physics

  • Non-existence of identity invalidates self-sampling assumption

  • Singularities in Navier-Stokes will remain unresolved because it's incorrect in the same way as Rayleigh-Jeans law

  • We can judge others' personality by their appearance because we give them that personality

  • Interest in SETI is only interest in the convergence/divergence of progression

  • Compulsive lying should be classified as a form of Tourette's

I'm lucky if I write one every few months, so if you're going to add this to your friends list, be very patient.

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